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Interior Concrete Services

Interior services offered include:

Concrete Polish & Staining
Polishing, staining or designing existing concrete floors.

Concrete Interior Resurfacing Coloring & Designing
Treat and resurface existing concrete with thin overlay which may be colored and designed.

Interior Wall Veneers
Install wall veneers for bathrooms, fireplaces or where ever desired. Textures, colors and designs are endless.

Electrical Radiant Heating Systems
Save money, stay warm and breathe easy with our embedded heating system. Contact us for details.

Interior Surface Coatings and Maintenance
We install epoxy, rubber flooring and colored sealers to meet our clients demand. We also provide maintenance services to refresh and revive existing concrete.

Interior concrete services and polishing not only improve the look and last of your surfaces, but help reduce allergens, prevent toxic mild, and improve indoor air quality.

Click on the galleries below to view photos of finished interior work. Contact us today for a free quote on your interior concrete project today.