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Acrylflex fine

A cement-base, high-density, patching topping and underlayment material applied from a feather-edge up to 1/4 inch. Designed to e mixed with Add Mix-21.


Product Description

ACRYLFLEX FINE is a permanent, high density, patching,
topping and underlayment material which may be applied from a feather-edge up to 1/4”. Acrylflex Fine is packaged as a two part unit consisting of a specially blended Portland cement based powder (Acrylflex Fine) and a gallon of Add Mix-21, an acrylic bonding agent. Umaco Acrylflex Fine/Add Mix-21 provides an excellent wearing surface which may be used on interior or exterior applications.

• A superior underlayment for tile, carpet and a variety of flooring materials.
• Resurface for floors, shipping docks, ramps, garages, driveways, patios, steps, sidewalks and many other working surfaces.
• Restores non-skid surfaces found in kitchens, bathrooms and food processing plants.
• May be used to set ceramic tile, quarry tile, masonry and natural stone.
• Use Acrylflex Fine when the application requires a maximum build up of 1/4” down to a feather edge. Use Acrylflex Regular for thicker applications.
• Trowels easily, may be feather-edged.
• Superior adhesion and flex strengths: bonds to new or old concrete, cement, brick, stone, plywood and other properly prepared surfaces.
• High compressive strengths: withstands static loads such as fork lifts, steel wheeled equipment and machinery.
• Withstands the damaging effects of repeated freeze thaw cycles.
• Highly resistant to chemical attack from prolonged exposure to many aggressive chemicals such as
industrial cleaners, oils, organic solvents, fats, urine, etc.
• Self curing: allows complete hydration of the Acrylflex compound, resulting in shortened curing times and higher compressive strengths thus eliminating costly damp curing.

In a clean container, mortar box or mixer, place a 40# bag of Acrylflex Fine. Then add enough Add Mix-21 to form a tight mortar like material. Each 40# bag of Acrylflex Fine should require approximately one gallon of Add Mix-21.
Mix thoroughly but do not over mix and do not add water. After mixing, allow material to rest and then briefly remix. As with any Portland cement based material, mixing liquid should be kept to a minimum to avoid decreasing strength and adhesive properties.