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Act Fiber

Alkaline resistant fibers which help reinforce against plastic shrinkage crack formation when added to cement-based and gypsum-based mixes. HELPS REINFORCE AGAINST PLASTIC SHRINKAGE CRACK FORMATION WHEN ADDED TO CEMENT-BASED AND GYPSUM-BASED MIXES.


Product Description

ACT FIBERS are 1/2” strands of virgin homo-polymer, polypropylene multifilament fibers specifically engineered to help reinforce against plastic shrinkage crack formation in cement-based and gypsum-based mixes.
ACT Fibers add tensile strain capacity to freshly placed cement based and gypsum based mixes reducing plastic shrinkage cracking in excess of 85%.
Other advantages include increased abrasion, shatter and impact resistance, reduced permeability and higher compressive and flexural strengths.

• Inhibits and controls the formation of cracking.
• Reinforces against impact forces.
• Reinforces against abrasion.
• Reinforces against water migration.
• Reduces plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking.
• Does not affect finish troweling.
• Replaces welded wire fabric when used for secondary (crack control) reinforcing in concrete.
• Rustproof, alkaline resistant.
• Requires no minimum amount of concrete cover.
• Reduces construction time.
• UL approved and meets ASTM C-116

• Slabs on grade, curbs
• Sidewalks, driveways
• Pre-cast
• Tilt-up panels
• Mortar, stucco
• Pool decks
• Thin sections
• Architectural concrete
• Exposed aggregate

• Add approximately 3 oz of ACT Fibers for every 300-400 pounds of dry material.
• Add approximately 15 oz. of ACT Fibers per each cubic yard of concrete.
• Dosage rates may vary depending on the performance requirements of the cement based mix.
• Blend by mechanical means for four to five minutes. Mix thoroughly.
• Over mixing will not alter the performance of the fibers.