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Multi-Purpose Tile Mortar (Grey, White)

A cement-based, polymer-modified mortar designed for setting tile over a variety of horizontal and vertical surfaces, interior and exterior applications. USED TO SET TILE, MARBLE, STONE AND THIN BRICK OVER PROPERLY PREPARED HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SUBSTRATES.


Product Description

M.P. TILE MORTAR is a select blend of aggregates, Portland cement, dry polymers and special additives designed for setting all types of tile, marble, stone and thin brick over properly prepared horizontal and vertical surfaces including concrete, masonry, gypsum board, cement board, exterior grade plywood (interior only), linoleum and ceramic tile. M.P. tile mortar is offered in grey and white.

• Polymer-modified.
• Mixes easily with just water.
• Superior bonding and flexural strengths.
• May be applied over properly prepared horizontal or vertical surfaces.
• Suitable for exterior or interior applications.
• Available in white or gray.

In a clean container, mortar box or mixer, add approximately 5 quarts of clean water to each 50 lb. bag of M.P. Tile Mortar. Mix thoroughly to a thick, creamy consistency. Proper consistency is such that the notched trowel ridges in the M.P. Tile Mortar will not slump or flow when applied to the substrate. If using a drill mixer, use a low speed, high torque drill not to exceed 600 rpm, fitted with a suitable mixing blade so as not to entrap air in the mix. Allow mixture to sit for ten minutes and then remix before applying.
Do not add any additional water to the M.P. Tile Mortar after the soaking period. Working time is approximately 1/2 hour to one hour depending on temperature and humidity.
For surfaces in which bonding may be in question, use Umaco Add Mix-21 in place of water when mixing in order to help ensure a proper
bond. As with any Portland cement based material, mixing liquid should be kept to a minimum to avoid decreasing strength and adhesive properties.