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Add Mix-35

An acrylic, liquid additive (35% solids) for cement based mixes designed to increase adhesive bond as well as tensile and flexural strength. AN ACRYLIC POLYMER ADDITIVE DESIGNED TO ENHANCE THE PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES OF CEMENT BASED MIXES.


Product Description

ADD MIX-35 is a specially formulated combination of polymers and modifiers designed to enhance the performance properties of Portland cement based mixes. Add Mix-35 is water-based and ready to use.
When used as an admixture, Add Mix-35 forms a plastic matrix which inhibits water evaporation thus improving cement hydration, resulting in higher compressive strengths.
Add Mix-35 also increases tensile and flexural strengths as well as the adhesive bond of cement based mixes when applied over new or old masonry and concrete surfaces. When applied as a surface primer just prior to application, Add Mix-35 provides a more workable surface and a superior bond between the properly prepared substrate and the newly placed material.

• An ideal admixture to use in concrete, repair mortars, thin overlays, stucco, pointing mortars and bedding mortars for tile, flagstone and brick.
• Slurries for anti-rust sealing and cold joint bonding.
• Tank, pipe and pool linings.
• Treads and landings on steel stairs.
• Terrazzo.

• Increases compressive, tensile and flexural strengths while also improving the adhesive bond to masonry, concrete, brick, block, stone, tile and CDX plywood (interior use only).
• Improves resistance to chipping and cracking.
• Reduces shrinkage.
• Improves abrasion and impact resistance.
• Does not require damp curing.
• Protects against repeated freeze thaw cycles.
• Resists staining and discoloration.
• Improves water resistance.
• May be totally submerged after curing.
• UV stable, will not yellow.

Before using, stir Add Mix-35 well or turn container over twice, do not shake.
When used as an admixture, combine the Add Mix-35 and the appropriate amount of clean water in a clean container. Add the dry product and mix thoroughly to a tight mortar like consistency. Avoid over mixing as this will entrain air thus reducing compressive and adhesive strengths.