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Bond All Interior

A brushable, water-based, interior-grade, surface bonding agent designed to be applied to the substrate prior to applying cement based and gypsum mixes. A WATER BASED, INTERIOR-GRADE BONDING AGENT APPLIED TO EXISTING SUBSTRATES PRIOR TO PLACING NEW PLASTER AND CEMENT BASED MIXES.


Product Description

BOND ALL INTERIOR is a water based, interior-grade bonding agent designed to be applied over properly prepared substrates prior to placing new plaster and Portland cement based mixes. When properly applied, Bond All Interior helps bond plaster and cement based mixes to a variety of structurally sound interior substrates.
For exterior applications or for applications in areas subject to moisture or dampness (such as bathrooms), use Bond All Exterior.

• Bonds new plaster, concrete, mortar and stucco to a variety of properly prepared surfaces.
• Bond All Interior may be applied over masonry, concrete, brick, block, stone, plaster, drywall, wonderboard, pre-cast concrete, wood, tile, EPS board and other structurally sound interior surfaces.
• Heavy bodied, won’t sag or run.
• Re-emulsifiable: wet plaster and cement based mixes may be applied over Bond All Interior up to seven days later.
• Non-flammable and VOC compliant.
• May be applied over “green” concrete.
• Meets ASTM C-1059

Stir well before using. Apply by brush, roller or spray. Proper application should produce a thin continuous film. Do not allow Bond All Interior to puddle or accumulate in low spots. Allow Bond All Interior to dry sufficiently to become slightly tacky before applying wet plaster or cement based mixes. Bond All Interior can be allowed to dry completely since it is re-emulsifiable; however, the water sensitivity does decrease with time and the new plaster or cement based mix should be applied within seven days as long as the Bond All Interior remains clean, dust free and intact.

Coverages below are approximate. Actual coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate.
Material Sq. ft. per gallon
Block or Brick………….150-250