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Elastomeric Sealant Caulk (Clear)

A single component, high performance elastomeric caulk which adheres to masonry, wood, asphalt, metal and vinyl for use in a wide variety of roofing and general construction applications. May be applied to damp or oily surfaces in a wide range of temperatures. A HIGH PERFORMANCE SEALANT DESIGNED FOR USE IN A WIDE VARIETY OF GENERAL CONSTRUCTION AND ROOFING APPLICATIONS.


Product Description

ES CAULK is a high performance elastomeric sealant which adheres to masonry, wood, asphalt, metal and vinyl. ES Caulk may be used in a wide variety of roofing, window, door, siding, trim, architectural metal and general construction applications. ES Caulk may be applied to damp or oily surfaces in a wide range of temperatures.

• Adheres to masonry, wood, vinyl, metal and asphalt.
• Excellent adhesion to all building surfaces even when damp or oily.
• Exceptional elongation and flexibility.
• Expands 800% with full recovery.
• Can be applied at a wide range of temperatures.
• Easily applied, non-stringing formulation.
• Will not crack.
• Paintable.
• Mildew proof.
• Superior ultraviolet resistance.
• Available in crystal clear and colors.


Joint Design:
For optimum results, joints should be a minimum of 4 times greater than the anticipated movement. Minimum recommended joint size should be 1/4” x 1/4”. Maximum joint size should be 1/2” wide by 3/8” deep.

Joint Backing:
An open cell backer rod should be used to control joint depth. In shallow joints, a bond breaker tape should be installed to prevent three point contact.

Application and Tooling:
Apply with conventional equipment, filling the joint completely.
When temperatures are below 40 degrees F, application will be easier if sealant is warmed.
When temperature of the surface exceeds 140 degrees do not apply until the surface cools. A soap and water solution or a solvent such as xylene may be used as a lubricant for tooling. Do not let tooling agents contaminate open joints.

Sealant may be painted after 24 hours. If using a relatively inflexible paint, allow sealant to dry for 3 days before painting.
ES Caulk may be coated with any latex and most oil based paints. Some paints may crack due to dynamic (moving) joints. See paint manufacturers specifications.