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Nanoset, Hard-Surface and Polished Concrete Concentrated Cleaner


Product Description

Maintain your polished concrete and other hard surface flooring with the revolutionary NanoSet Cleaner 1 gal. Hard-Surface and Polished Concrete Cleaner, a concentrated non-corrosive cleaning agent formulated to effectively remove dirt, soil and other contaminants from a variety of floor surfaces, including (polished) concrete and masonry. NanoSet Cleaner’s environmentally-friendly and water-based formula leverages advanced nano-silica technology, combining the incredible power of a deep cleansing agent with the unique ability to fortify and strengthen your concrete as it cleans. Dilute with water and use with auto scrubbing machines. Ideal for cleaning large warehouse and big box store floors.
Water-based nano-silica formula is ideal for use indoors and outdoors with no rinsing required.

Cleans and fortifies at the same time.
Cost less than 1 cent per 10 sq. ft.
Maintains polished concrete shine and minimizes the dulling of floor finishes that can occur with maintained with just water alone.
Concentrated formula is easily diluted with water.
Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable formula for safe use and disposal.
Low VOC formula eliminates bothersome odors.
Effectively cleans and removes dirt, soil and other flooring contaminants.
Low foaming properties helps eliminate the need to rinse after cleaning.