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Road Patch

A fast-setting, cement-based, highway patching compound and overlayment material used to restore concrete substrates requiring a minimum build-up of 2 inches. Ready for rubber wheeled traffic in 60 minutes. A FAST-SETTING, CEMENT-BASED HIGHWAY PATCHING COMPOUND & OVERLAYMENT MATERIAL READY FOR TRAFFIC USE IN 60 MINUTES.


Product Description

ROAD PATCH is a fast-setting, Portland cement-based, concrete patching material which sets strong enough to support normal traffic in just one hour after set. Road Patch expands as it sets, which not only minimizes shrinkage cracks but provides a tight seal with the existing pavement, thus preventing seepage to underlying structures.

• Repairs highways, roads, bridges, parking garages, decks, ramps, warehouse floors, shipping areas.
• Use for any concrete patch that requires a minimum build up of one inch.
• Sets within 30 minutes.
• High compressive strength.
• Expands as it sets.
• Resists water erosion.
• Excellent freeze-thaw resistance.

Using a clean container or mixer, add approximately 2-2/3 quarts of water. Slowly add a 50 pound bag of Road Patch while mixing until lump free for 2-5 minutes. When mixing larger batches, a ribbon type plaster mixer with rubber wipers or a standard drum type concrete mixer are recommended. For smaller batches, a hand drill with a paint paddle can be used. Be certain that all mixing equipment and tools are clean before using. Only mix as much material that can be placed and finished in 15 minutes. After mixing, immediately place the mixed material to the prepared surface area. Clean mixer by adding water and allowing mixer to run then dispose of cleaning water before starting another batch.
As with any Portland cement based material, mixing liquid should be kept to a minimum to avoid decreasing strength and adhesive properties.