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Self-Leveler 4000

A cement-based, polymer-modified, self-leveling, resurfacing compound that can be poured or pumped over a variety of uneven, properly prepared surfaces from a featheredge up to two inches in a single pour. A SELF-LEVELING RESURFACING COMPOUND WHICH CAN BE POURED OR PUMPED FROM A FEATHER-EDGE UP TO 2” IN ONE APPLICATION.


Product Description

SELF-LEVELER 4000 is a single-component, self-leveling, floor resurfacer which can be poured or pumped over concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile, and wood flooring. Self-Leveler 4000 may be applied from a feather-edge up to 2” in a single pour.

• Can be used to resurface concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile, stone and exterior-grade plywood.
• An excellent underlayment for carpeting, vinyl and asphalt floors, ceramic tile, quarry tile and wood
• Completely self-leveling.
• Interior or exterior use.
• Ready to use, just add water.
• May be poured or pumped.
• Can be applied from a featheredge up to 2” in a single pour.
• High compressive and flexural strengths.
• Water resistant.
• Provides dramatic savings in time and labor over conventional underlayments.

Add 50 pounds of Self-Leveler 4000 to approximately 5 to 5-1/2 quarts of water. Do not reverse this process by adding water to the material. Do not over water as this will cause separation, reduction of strength and shrinkage of the cured Self-Leveler 4000. When mixing small amounts, the use of a paddle mixer with a high torque, low speed (400-600 RPM) hand drill is recommended. For large jobs, an ordinary barrel mixer connected to a pump and hose is recommended. Mix material for one to two minutes until the mixture is smooth and free of lumps. Do not mix more material that can be placed in 15 minutes. Ensure that subsequent mixes are ready to enable continuous pouring until the entire area is surfaced. Self-Leveler 4000 can be applied from a feather-edge up to 2”. For applications over 2” in thickness, mix Self-Leveler 4000 with equal parts of clean, washed silica sand, preferably 20-30 mesh. The addition of sand may affect the self-leveling properties making it necessary to apply a finish layer without the aggregate as a finish coat. Area must first be primed with Bond All Exterior if finished layer is to be applied.