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Siloxane 20

An exterior-grade, clear, deep-penetrating, solvent-based water repellent (20% solids) applied over untreated masonry and concrete surfaces. A CLEAR, DEEP-PENETRATING, SOLVENT-BASED WATER REPELLENT APPLIED OVER UNTREATED MASONRY AND CONCRETE SURFACES.


Product Description

SILOXANE 20 is an exterior-grade, clear, deep-penetrating, solvent-based water repellent designed to be applied over untreated, properly prepared masonry, concrete, brick, block, stone, granite, limestone, concrete pavers and stucco. Siloxane 20 penetrates deeply into the substrate providing long lasting protection without darkening the substrate or leaving a sheen.
Do not use Siloxane 20 for interior applications or in any enclosed area where vapors may accumulate and concentrate. Read all other limitations and warnings before using this product.

• Water repellent for masonry and concrete surfaces (vertical or horizontal).
• Deeply penetrates the substrate.
• Easily applied by brush, roller or low pressure pump sprayer.
• May be applied in a wide range of temperatures.
• Will not darken or leave a sheen over most substrates.
• One coat coverage for most applications.
• Breathable, does not form a film.
• UV light resistant.
• Reduces efflorescence.

Cover and protect all adjacent surfaces from overspray. Apply with a brush, roller or low pressure pump sprayer. Do not apply by spray in windy conditions. On vertical applications, start at the top and work down side to side with a six inch run. Saturate the surface so that enough excess flows down and can be covered by the next pass. On horizontal surfaces, saturate while applying evenly
but do not allow to pond or puddle. In most cases, single coat coverage provides maximum protection but extremely porous surfaces may require a second coat.
Clean brushes and equipment immediately after use with mineral spirits.

Please note that coverages will vary depending on the texture and porosity of the surface being coated.
Approximate coverage per gallon:
Concrete……………….…120-220 sq. ft.
Brick, Block, Limestone…..80-150 sq. ft.
Split Rib Block……………..50-100 sq. ft.