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Surface Bonding Cement (Grey, White)

A cement-based, fiber-reinforced, polymer- modified, waterproof coating designed to be applied by trowel over dry stacked concrete block, rigid insulation board, masonry and concrete surfaces. A FIBER-REINFORCED, POLYMER-MODIFIED WATERPROOF COATING APPLIED BY TROWEL OVER DRY-STACKED BLOCK, RIGID INSULATION BOARD & MASONRY.


Product Description

SURFACE BONDING CEMENT is a cement-based, polymer-modified, fiber-reinforced, waterproof coating designed to be applied by trowel over dry-stacked block, rigid insulation board, masonry and concrete surfaces.
Surface Bonding Cement’s high impact resistance and waterproofing qualities make it an ideal surface crack resistant finish and basecoat. When applied over dry-stacked concrete masonry units, Surface Bonding Cement eliminates the need for mortar joints. Surface Bonding Cement is offered in grey or white.

• Structural coating for dry-stacked block construction.
• May be applied over rigid insulation board.
• Basecoat for stuccos and other finishes.
• Load bearing and non-load bearing walls.
• Retaining walls.
• Foundation and basement walls.
• High impact resistance.
• Waterproofs and seals.
• Increases tensile and flexural strength.
• Increases fire rating of wall system.
• Exterior or interior applications.
• Meets ICBO, BOCA and SBCCI allowable design stresses.

Using a clean container, add 6 quarts of water. Slowly add a 50 lb. bag of Surface Bonding Cement and mix to a lump free mortar like consistency for approximately 2-3 minutes. Allow the mixture to sit for five minutes then remix before applying. When applying over
rigid insulation board (or for any other application in which improved adhesion is desired) mix each 50lb bag of Surface Bonding Cement with 4 quarts of Add Mix-21 and 2 quarts of water.
As with any Portland cement based material, mixing liquid should be kept to a minimum to avoid decreasing strength and adhesive properties.