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Thin-Stone Veneer Mortar

A durable, polymer-modified mortar designed to provide optimum bond when installing natural, thin-stone veneer over properly prepared substrates. A DURABLE, POLYMER-MODIFIED MORTAR DESIGNED TO PROVIDE OPTIMUM BOND WHEN INSTALLING NATURAL, THIN-STONE VENEERS.


Product Description

THIN-STONE VENEER MORTAR is a select blend of aggregates, Portland cement, dry-polymers and special additives designed to provide optimum bond and durability when installing a variety of natural, thin-stone veneers over properly prepared substrates.
Thin-Stone Veneer Mortar meets the requirements of a Type S mortar.

• Ready to use, just add water.
• Polymer-modified.
• Superior bonding and flexural strengths.
• Water-resistant.
• Exterior or interior use.
• Pre-blended for quality consistency from batch to batch.

In a clean container or mixer, add 50 pounds of Thin-Stone Veneer Mortar to approximately three quarts of water.
Mix thoroughly to a thick and creamy consistency. Avoid over mixing as this will entrain air thus reducing compressive and adhesive strengths as well as shorten the pot life. Allow the mixture to soak for 5-10 minutes, remix, then apply. If the mixture needs to be
adjusted, add up to one pint of water. Thin-Stone Veneer Mortar should be placed within approximately 30 minutes after the initial mixing.