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Tite-Roc Anchor

A fast-setting, pourable, expanding, hydraulic material designed for anchoring fixtures in concrete and masonry. A FAST-SETTING, POURABLE, NON-SHRINK HYDRAULIC CEMENT USED TO ANCHOR FIXTURES IN CONCRETE AND MASONRY SURFACES.


Product Description

TITE-ROC is a fast-setting, pourable, non-shrink, hydraulic cement used for anchoring bolts, posts, railings and other fixtures in concrete and masonry surfaces.

• Anchors railings, bolts, heavy-machinery, posts, fences, appliances, door-stops, shelves and other fixtures.
• Easy to use…just add water and pour.
• Fast setting…sets in 15 minutes and cures in one hour.
• Non-shrinking.
• Expands as it sets.
• Self-leveling.
• Adheres to any object embedded in it.
• Tenacious bond to concrete.
• Sets stronger than concrete in 15 minutes.
• Contains no corrosive agents… will not damage iron or aluminum.
• Will not loosen, crack or shrink under stress, vibration or cold temperature.

For horizontal applications, add Tite-Roc to clean water (in a clean container) and mix thoroughly to a pourable batter like consistency. Do not mix more material than can be used within 5 minutes. Do not add any sand, gravel, anti-freeze or any other foreign matter which may affect the setting time or weaken the finish material. For vertical applications, mix Tite-Roc with water to a putty like consistency.