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Transeal Clear (solvent based)

An exterior-grade, solvent-based acrylic sealer applied over properly prepared masonry and concrete surfaces. Transeal forms a durable, flexible film which provides long lasting protection. Transeal is available in Clear (Gloss or Matte). AN EXTERIOR-GRADE, SOLVENT-BASED ACRYLIC SEALER APPLIED OVER PROPERLY PREPARED MASONRY AND CONCRETE SURFACES


Product Description

TRANSEAL is an exterior-grade, solvent based acrylic sealer designed to be applied over properly prepared masonry, concrete, stucco, brick, block, stone, flagstone, granite, limestone and bluestone. Transeal forms a durable, flexible film which provides long lasting
protection when properly applied over exterior masonry and concrete walls, walks, patios, pool decks, stairs, chimneys, brick veneers and concrete block. Transeal is available in Clear (Gloss or Matte).
Do not use Transeal for interior applications or in any enclosed area where vapors may accumulate and concentrate. Read all other limitations and warnings before using this product.
TRANSEAL CLEAR (GLOSS) leaves a high-gloss finish which highlights the natural beauty and color of flagstone, granite, bluestone, brick and other masonry materials.
TRANSEAL CLEAR (MATTE) leaves a semi-gloss finish. When applying Transeal Clear (Matte), a prime coat of Transeal Clear (Gloss) must first be applied to prevent any finish variations.

• Easily applied straight from the can by brush or roller.
• Forms a durable, flexible film.
• Bridges hairline cracks.
• Impervious to water, salts, grease, petroleum oils, aliphatic solvents and other common chemicals.
• Reduces efflorescence.
• Protects against repeated freeze thaw cycles.
• Quick drying.

Do not thin or dilute. Gently stir Transeal Clear (Gloss) thoroughly before applying. Transeal Clear (Matte) must be thoroughly stirred before and continuously during use to avoid any finish variations.
For better slip resistance (under wet conditions), blend 1 lb. of powdered pumice stone per gallon of finish coat.