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Transeal WB Clear Concrete Sealer

An interior / exterior, waterborne acrylic sealer applied over properly prepare masonry and concrete surfaces.


Product Description

TRANSEAL WB is an interior/exterior, low odor, waterborne acrylic sealer designed to be applied over properly prepared masonry, concrete, stucco, brick, block, stone, flagstone, granite, limestone and bluestone. Transeal WB forms a durable, flexible film which provides long lasting protection when properly applied over masonry and concrete walls, walks, basement floors, patios, pool decks, stairs, chimneys, brick veneers, concrete block, driveways and garage floors.

TRANSEAL WB CLEAR leaves a high gloss finish which highlights the natural beauty and color of flagstone, granite, bluestone, brick and other masonry materials. Transeal WB is the #1 most used product by Interstate Decorative Concrete Designs (