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U-Patch Fast

A fast-setting (6-10 minutes) cement-based, non-shrink material designed to repair all types of vertical and horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces. Designed to be mixed with Add Mix-21. U-Patch Fast can be used interior or exterior, above or below grade.


Product Description

U-PATCH FAST is a fast-setting, non-shrink, cement-based patching material specially designed for repairing all types of masonry and concrete without the use of expensive form work.
U-PATCH FAST may be used for interior or exterior, vertical and horizontal applications above or below grade.

– Sets in 6-10 minutes in normal conditions and humidity.
– Reduces labor cost by eliminating form work.
– Excellent for New England field stone foundations, pea stone may be added.
– Repairs steps, headers, sills, lintels, architectural details, bridges, damns, cracks, sidewalks, etc…
– High structural strength.
– Withstands repeated freeze thaw cycles.
– Does not contain waxes, metallic or calcium chloride.
– Sulfate resistant.

DO NOT MIX more material than can be applied within five minutes. Have the area prepared with Bond All.
U-PATCH FAST requires a minimum of 50% water and 50% Add Mix-21 to ensure the integrity and performance. Up to 100% Add Mix-21 can be used to increase adhesion, flex and compression strength.

In a clean container, add Add Mix-21 and water solution. Add and mix a workable amount of U-Patch Fast with a mixing drill. Mix thoroughly to a “peanut butter” consistency. Do Not add water. Use Add mix-21 to achieve correct consistency. Use immediately after mixing to ensure work-ability time. Do not re-temper. Re-tempering any Portland cement-based material will decrease strength and adhesive properties.

All surfaces must be prepared with Bond All to ensure adhesion and strength.
Trowel Coat:
Apply by trowel, completely filling in all voids, Apply i layers of 1/2″ to 1″ thick, scratching the surface of each layer. Allow approximately 10 minutes between layers. Level, form, screed or float the final coat immediately.
Deep Horizontal Patches:
For horizontal repairs deeper than 1, apply a slurry coat of U-Patch and Bond All to the entire area being repaired. U-Patch may be extended with up to 25 lb. of washed 3/8″ pea stone per 50 lb. of U-Patch Fast. Apply by trowel completely filling in all voids. Level, form, screed or float the final coat immediately.